The People We Work For

Throughout our years of teaching, we have worked with a wide variety of clients.  Regardless of your organization or training needs, we can put together a course that will meet your needs and expectations.  Contact us for more information!

First Responders

We recognize that our clients who work in first response have the challenge of high risk/low volume calls.  Because of this, our primary objective is always to train our attendees in taking care of themselves and their teamates.  We are compelled in this objective by our own experience in first response, and our desire to see safer, more effective rescue procedures implemented at a national level. 



Industrial & Government

We know that not all rescue work is done on first response, and we are dedicated to creating a safe working environment for professionals who need rescue capacity in order to do a quality job.  With instructors who specialize in confined space, mine rescue, and turbines, we are well equiped in order to teach classes in any industrial environment.




Recreation & Education

Not only do we have a history teaching professionals, but we also have a history of working with academic institutions. Arroyo has offered classes to colleges and universitys around the country in both first response and recreational classes.  We have both full and part time college instructors on staff at Arroyo.  We offer competetive rates and top notch education.